New Year, New Gear

Well 2018 was one of the best years of fishing I have ever had! I am thankful for the opportunities and guests I was able to experience all the excitement with and am looking forward to a safe and fish-filled 2019.

The best way to start off the new year is with some brand new fishing rods. For the guests that step onto our 22ft Canyon Bay (Go check it out here) we will be using all new gear. Finding rods and reels that are able to stand up to everyday use, inexperienced anglers, and strong fish can be hard to come by. Proper care goes a long way too even when you are using a rod the very next day. I want to make sure that when an angler steps on board, my tackle is of high quality and working properly so this was a pretty serious decision when investing in completely new rods and reels. Below is a list of what you will fish with aboard a charter with Fishardy Charters

St. Croix Triumph 7ft medium action

  • Chose this rod for the quality and warranty that St. Croix offers. I have had a Triumph for a while now as a personal rod and it has performed well. It has the give and play to handle a loosely hooked Redfish or Trout but the backbone to stop a bull Redfish in the inlet with an outgoing tide or yank a Sheepshead out from under a dock. St. Croix lists this rod as a freshwater series. I am sure they have their reasons but I have yet to discover them.

Shimano Nasci 3000

  • Shimano is known for their durable reels at a great price. They dropped this Nasci reel and have convinced me to use them full-time because of the durable gears, 24lb drag, and ability to be used in many different applications. Much like the St. Croix rods, Shimano offers a great warranty and has always provided helpful customer service.

Jacob Hardy