Teaming up with airbnb!


Fishardy Charters recently teamed up with airbnb in St. Augustine. We are excited about our opportunity to be one of the first experiences offered through airbnb in town. 

If you've already found us on our website, feel free to contact us directly through here. We like to keep our clients informed on our progress in the community and airbnb is a great opportunity for Fishardy Charters. Guests on airbnb get a full description of our trips but are limited to some options we offer directly through here. Trips through airbnb are “per-person” which can get more expensive than just a regular charter directly through us. Additionally, we are limited to just one style of charter (4 hour inshore) as of now.

The experiences tab on airbnb is very popular in bigger cities like Orlando and Miami but has just been developed in cities like St. Augustine. We are the first business on airbnb Experiences St. Augustine and we are proud of it! Having used the experiences tab in other cities, it is a great opportunity for exposure, for growing tourism experiences in our city, and for developing a relationship with an influential company.

We are excited to announce our partnership with airbnb. Be on the look out for new partnerships we are developing… we have some in the works!

Sharing our airbnb experience on Facebook gives you a discount a 10% discount on your next charter!

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Jacob Hardy