St. Augustine's Mullet Run

Mullet fishing. Courtesy of Florida Memory

Mullet fishing. Courtesy of Florida Memory

Ask just about any resident of St. Augustine and they will tell you that the mullet are here! St. Augustine has a rich history of commercial mullet fishing that is in full-swing between August and December. 

The commercial industry for mullet in St. Augustine is historical and most anglers today like to focus on what eats the mullet that infest our waters. This year has been a great example of the variety of predators that chase after these massive schools of bait fish. From above the ospreys and pelicans crash down while below redfish and flounder don't give the schools a break. We have spent the last few months on the water experiencing some of the best redfishing and flounder fishing the State of Florida has to offer. It's harder to go on a trip and not catch one or the other than it is to go home skunked! 

Anglers are flooding beaches, inlets, and creeks getting their share of redfish, flounder, trout, jack-crevalle, and whatever else loves to eat a delicious mullet. We are happy to see so many people experiencing the fun St. Augustine offers. Fortunately, the fishing will continue to stay this great through the winter months as the crowds head home. We start to see more flounder, more sheephead, and more redfish while the weather continues to cool down. The best fishing St. Augustine has to offer is just kicking off.

Fishardy Charters is excited to offer openings this fall and winter for trips chasing after fish like this flounder and all others! This is a great time of year to book an adventure with us so that there is no doubt there will be action all day! It's a great time to take kids fishing too! Capt. Jacob works well with children and loves to teach them from a young age, much like he learned as a kid. 

To book a charter today or to have any of your questions answered, give Capt. Jacob a call at (904) 315-4758 or send us a message through our website!

Jacob Hardy