This week is special for many of us because we get to spend valuable time with family and friends. It kicks off the holiday spirit that follows through into the new year. These next few months are some of the greatest times to fish in St. Augustine and I am excited to experience it with my clients! This time of year we start to see Sheephead really showing up around town and they have done just that. We also find Black Drum and Redfish schooling up on banks and creeks in the North and South estuaries of St. Augustine.


Last week I only fished a few days. Most of my time was spent in North Georgia chasing after Whitetails during the best of the rut. After returning, I was anxious to get back to it here in town. I hit a quick R&D session with a friend of mine and it turned out well. We caught some Black Drum, including one about 30 inches and close to 8lbs! The next day we had a good night of Flounder Gigging and saw an unbelievable amount of Redfish under the lights. FWC does not allow redfish, or any drum, to be gigged so we had to let them all pass…. Until the next day.

As Thanksgiving approaches I like to reflect on the opportunities I have had growing up here in St. Augustine. From fishing here to hunting in Georgia. There is a lot to be thankful for. We are celebrating this year with turkeys and a couple bushels of oysters.

Keep in mind that Fishardy Charters is offering fishing trips year-round and river cruises during the holidays to show off the beautiful Nights of Lights event here in St. Augustine. Between the fishing and nighttime cruises, we offer eco-tours in search for the variety of wildlife we have in North Florida.

- Capt. Jacob

Jacob Hardy